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Saturday, May 8, 2010


i used to be not-in-love with batik.
it doesn't mean that i HATE BATIK and I DON"T WANT TO WEAR batik. it's just i don't really into batik, so i didn't have batik outfit in my closet :(

but by the last 1-year, my mom stopped work and starting some small business related to batik at home, which named Batik Khasandy. i usually helped her when she wanted to buy some batik materials, took photos of her materials and her clothing, and gave her some advice about the design of the upcoming collection of BK, for example batik dress with ruffle, or mixed with other materials, etc.

and last week, i have a chance to wear my mom's collection for daily wear. she made a coat for us (actually she made it for her, but i decided that she should share hahaha) in green colour, used some "batik tulis" material with ginger patterned. yes, in ginger hahahaha!

really love the coat! MUCH!
and speaking of BATIK and GREEN, here it is another one you should know about :

don't you love Batik too?
well, you should!
nowadays, batik is not just traditional statement. they more like modern but unique stuff, which were known as Indonesian uniqueness!
use batik as a dress, as a tops and even pants! mixed it with jelly shoes, gladiator even tights!

well, this one is my favourite item from my mom's store :
cute blazer in Batik Tulis from Tuban :D

have a look on my mom's collection at Batik Khasandy.
and please have a look at SUPERFASHIONISME SHOEZISME here!

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