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Saturday, May 8, 2010

in blue but happy!

my outfit today was dedicated for blue!
yayness for blue!
this dress was my favourite dress!
the dress always fit me well, even when i was on my highest weight hahahaha *just like today!
it was made from spandex, and i bought in less than Rp 35,000 (around $ 3.5)
also the wedges!
it was my favourite wedges ever! love the bow in the front, and also the sole!
yes, it has a very unique sole because it was some kind of cut-out wedges!

anyway, i went to Sate Cak Amat with some friend today. after that i went to my besties named Wintang to McDonalds. we've talked and talked, until we haven't realized that we've spent about 2 hours talking each other. not just about boys (yeah!) but also about college and our future! hahaha 
*i'm still don't know what i'm gonna do when i graduated. i definitely will apply for some scholarship but during those free time, i don't know what I AM GONNA DO hahaha!

well catch ya later!
love yaaa!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow myria kamu sungguh terlihat memiliki kemampuan padu padan outfit yang lumayan,cukup menarik ide2 mix 'n match mu..jelas saya bilang kemampuanmu sedikit diatas rata2,keep up the work,maybe luck will find it's way around you!!

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