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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Currently In Love : Erdem

... wif these stuff :

and some pictures from their runway show :

and somehow i'm in love with Erdem's collection!
They are Erdem's Spring/Summer 2010' Collection!

I was intended to browsing some great shoes in Net-A-Porter, but I found a black maxi dress in a great cutting and also great pattern : FLORAL. 
I found that there are many of them, and there are Erdem's.
so I search more about this brand.

Erdem, the eponymous London ready-to-wear line established in 2005 by Erdem Moralioglu, has won plaudits for its gracefully modern clothing. Fusing sharp, forward tailoring and graphic custom designed silk prints in a uniquely romantic approach has been the signature of the brand’s aesthetic. 

well, i am in love with everything with color-and-summer print, but their collection seems to be different than other spring-floral-collection. i just love how the choose their own floral print, looks so classy. not too much and not too cheap! 
and look at those laces! 
i deeply in love with the last dress in the last picture, yes the black cut-out lace dress!

and look at those shoes!
they even came in floral printed-shoes! i try to google for their shoes collection, and look what I'd found!
the shoes collection came from Georgina Goodman!

aren't they gorgeous?
you should visit Georgina Goodman!
she really has a huge fashion taste! JUST LOOK AT HER SHOES!
beyond imaginary!
visit her here :D

visit Erdem here for more collection!


nitya said...

Great collections!

oh btw, I'm new in fashion blogging. And need some comments or advices.. Would you like to see my blog? I'll appreciate it soo much.


Miy said...

no way! the shoes are just like my dream shoes.. oh.. thanks for sharing!


The Picnic Girl

Myria Rafiz said...

@ nitya : couldn't agree more! me love Erdem so much! :D will do!!!! thanx for the comment yaaaa :D :D

@ Miy : you're welcome! i'm in love with those shoes from the very first sight!

F i K a said...

I looooooooooove the shoes soooo much!!

and those flowery dress is soo lovely too :)

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Fika : yess! i totally agree with you Fika! i can stop drooling for maxi dress right now, and those navy maxi dress in floral pattern really got my heart! and those shoes are too lovely :D

AYU said...

heey hun, thanks for ur lovely comment in my blog ;)
yes I'm lucky get the skirt that price, if you like to hunt some thrift stuff too, please open the shop's link ;p

AAAA I love the dress, but unfortunately I'm not looks good at maxi dress, makes me shorter -______-
but the shoes?? I want someone buy me some!! ;)

Have a nice day,


A N A S T A S Y A said...

gasp.. to that flowerly wedges,,pretty, indeed!

Lussi Rahadian said...

myr! myr! myr! it's you!
it's me! it's me!

does magnifiquehilda ring a bell??? lol

just start my own blog and found you here. so happy. do visit me dear. need your comment on my new blog www.lussirahadian.blogspot.com

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice post..i love the shoes very much..
wanna exchange link and or follow me??

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Ayu : me too! please buy me that shoes, ayuu!hahahaha by the way i have open some of olshop's link you've add in your page, and i found great items in bargaining price!thanks!
@ Tasya : DEFINITELY!haha
@ Lussi : waaaaaaa we meet again here! definitely will visit your blog, dear! :D exchange link yaaaa hehehe
@ Dorothy : surely do! i'll follow you yaaa!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

thx but i cant see ur name in my list of followers..do u followed me with google account or bloglovin??thx

Petunia Princess said...

love your post. the wedges are great, rite??

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Petunia : right! i deeply inlove with those black and white floral wedges :D :D thanks for your comment :D

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