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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Black & Red

i went to a marriage party today!
actually, the invitation was dedicated to my parent, but they couldn't make it to attend, so they ask me and my boyfie to attend the wedding.

well, we ate too much!
from Martabak to Pecking Duck!hahaha
you should see my picture after i attended the wedding party (which i wouldn't post it here)! my stomach is bigger than the previous post hehehehe

well, this is what i wore :

XKorz BlackDress // Navy Blue Tights // Calliope Cut-Out Wedges // Black Crochet Bag - The Sak // Krey Shawl in Berry - CottonInk // Watch - Katallog

well, the krey berry is the newest member of my CottonInk's shawl!
i found them (yes, i also bought a krey magenta!) sold at Fashionese Daily's MFS and i suddenly send personal message to the seller to buy them both! hahahaha *in very cheap price! what a good deal :D

1 comment:

fashionlady said...

woow nice outfits! ;) chic ;)

love your shawl ;)
thanks for following yaa :)
followed back ;)

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