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Thursday, May 13, 2010

ANOTHER GREAT COLL : Mixte Vol. 5 by Nikicio

Few days ago (May of 11), Nina Nikicio, the designer of Nikicio held a fashion show for her Mixte Vol. 05 Collection! she held the fashion show in Salihara, South of Jakarta. 

i saw the invitation about this great fashion show for days ago. but too bad, i can not attend this great fashion show, held by Nina Nikicio, only because i don't live in Jakarta :(

but hey, there are others bloggers who came to that show and posted review about the show. 

i got those picture above from another blogger fella named Bethanny :D
and those are two things that i love most from her collection!
the khaki-pants and the jacket!


please visit NIKICIO here!
and please visit Nikicio's FB Account right here 
to see more pictures from the runway show!

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