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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boxy Boxy Boxy for Everyday Wear!

I went to Jakarta few weeks ago, hehehe i attended Java Jazz Festival 2010. too bad i'm to lazy to upload anything about it to the blog. hehehe

i also went to BrightSpot Market. too bad i didn't take any photos there. 

and YES! i bought another CottonInk there hehehehe
but one thing : love the BOXY!
i bought 2 colour, magenta in normal size and rosette in oversized one

you can wear boxy tops from CI as a oversized tops, just put a jegging, legging, tights or just a short for the bottom! 
and also, you can put a jacket, jeans or latex or just cropped bolero,even a lace bolero, which was back in trend these days!
or, you can tucked-in the boxy, and use it with a tulip skirt, high-waist skirt, short or a pants :D it called effortlessly chic! hahahaha

use it with a flats, heels, or wedges!
any kind of bag : clutch, oversized bag or clutch, sling bag, handbag, shoulder bag, you named it! it will always suitable for your boxy, trust me :D

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