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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


hellow fellows!
how are you?

hahaha i was a very bad blogger.
i was too busy these times that i can not spend even a very short times to blog.
i have taken many pictures, but unfortunately on the same time i don't have a free time to upload it.
too bad, right?

and let me share a little chit-chat about today.
Today was my KRS (Kartu Rencana Studi)-time, and for you who doesn't know what the heck is KRS, i will explained it right now hahaha
KRS is a Study Plan Card which filled every semester for every student who wants to continue their study in FEB, my campus. We have to choose what subject that we wanna take this semester, and after fill the subject, we will get the plan card which contained all the subject we will take for the upcoming semester.
i only have to choose the thesis subject, unfortunately because i have started my thesis informally with one of the lecturer in FEB, i have to ask permission  from Kajur (Head of Accounting Department) by giving some permission letter.
and the bad news i got this morning is my letter hasn't ready yet. The Head of Accounting Dep. seems to forget my permission letter, and the letter will be ready by the afternoon.
and it ruins my plan for today!hahahaha
but the good thing is, it's done now!
the permission letter has been given to Academic!!!yippie yay yayy!!

and do you know that yesterday was one of my productive day ever?
guess what, i made 3 do-it-yourself stuff!hahaha

 added some studs on my grey-plain-suede shoes!

... and on my orange-sling-bag!

and on a denim-vest!

what do you think?
i spent about 4 hours for these great stuff hahahaha

PS :
i really know that my english is very very bad.
but i have to write the blog in english :D
kind of learning-by-doing things, right?
and do you know that practices makes us perfect?
so i still write the blog in english..
pardon my bad bad and bad english :D

catch ya later, fellas!

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