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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more than just a scarf!

have you seen and checked cottonink's blog lately?
they released their new collection, and i am currently in love with this stuff :D


and did you still thinking that this is a scarf?
it's more than just a scarf!
it's a :
cardigan, a wrap cardigan and drappery cardigan!
a dress, backless one :D
scarf, in many many many ways

it's more than just a scarf.
go checked their stuff on cottonink.blogspot.com


Zhazha savira said...

hello! thanks for poisoning me to buy some cotton ink.. hha.. i read FD forum, directly i buy amethyst because you said that amethyst is cute :P

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Zazha Savira : hai hai!hahaha sorry for poisoning you with amethyst!but i guarantee, you won't regret buying that shawl if you truly a purple-lovah! dan i think amethyst itu warna ungu yang paling ngejreng diantara ungu-ungu nya cottonink lainnya hahaha :D
nice to know you yaa..
thanks for stopping by! :D

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