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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

black and burgundy :D

this is my outfit few days ago :D
me going to 21 with some friends, watching Rumah Dara.
have you seen that movie?
what do i think about that movie?
by the first 20 minutes, i feel like i can't continue watching that movie anymore.
suddenly i wanna get out from that seat hahahaha

but lucky me, i decided to stay and i think that movie is very great!
you must watch that movie, eventough you hate those kind of movie genre :D
i love the idea about that movie, it's so fresh and new for Indonesian Movies!

and what did i wore?

black puff-plain-dress - unbranded (Evolet's) // burgundy 4Ls legging - cottonink // 
printed shawl used as a belt - gift from a besties!

and this is me wearing the 4Ls,
very comfy and great! i love the material :D
- pardon my big big big thighs -

cao cao cao cao cao!

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