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Sunday, February 21, 2010


dan tadi, jam 4 ada gathering multiply-ers seJogja. lumayaan yang dateng banyaak. tapi eke ga foto2 nunggu foto dr yang laen aja deh yaaa nanti eke uplot kalo inget hehehehe

sebelumnya janjian dl sama Mb Day ke Jhonny Andrean, mau krimbong. berhubung dese ga dateng2, akhirnya nemplok dulu ke Matahari. dapeett deh 1 Legging, warna coklat muda, ga polos tapi aga bermotif gitu. harganya cm 49,000 lagi! langsuuuuuung diembaat ke kamar pas hehehehe kebetulan boleh dicoba!

- closer look to my new Phenomenon Legging -

berhubung kamar pas nya Matahari itu oke punya, alhasil saya foto dulu outfit saya hr itu di sana. habis pencahayaannya oke bangeett! sumpah hehehe

Blue Jeans - Unbranded // Black Plain Tees - Unbranded // Studded Vest - Unbranded, DIY // Ciciero - Aulika Choco Fur // Bata Flats!
Take A Look very closely on my Ciciero Aulika Choco Fur Bag hehehehe
i love this bag, uda discontinue dari tokonya.
you can visit Ciciero here ya...

daan sebenernya masih ada outfit yang belum saya post. sekalian post disini aja kali yaa?hehehe

Sweater Dress - KeyShop // Bata FLATS! // CottonInk - 4Ls in Burgundy! // CI Classic Shawl in Burgundy!

outfit gaya Dewi Kwan Im ini dipake malem habis pacar wisudaan. kita jalan - jalan ga jelas kemanaa, dan i wore double burgundy!hahahaha

once again nih, outfit saya kemaren malem.
berhubung Sabtu pagi jegging saya dateng, alhasil malemnya langsung deh pake nih jegging :D recommended banget deh, jegging dr DP (Dorothy Perkins)!

i bought the jegging for about $35, pretty expensive for me, but it's worthed the price! the material is very light, but it fitted well on my tights! somehow i felt so skinny hahahha

here it is my jegging :

taken from : source

plain black tee - unbranded // Jegging - DP!!! // Emma Navy Blue - Ciciero // Blue Wedges - Calliope // Maroon Loose Dress - Jualan Ndiri

sekiaaaann posting kali iniii!

have a nice sleep, y'all!

(His) Graduation Day


berhubung eke lagi males pake bahasa inggris, eke pake bahasa Indonesia yah!
otak lagi ga bisa mikir hehehehe

beberapa hari yang lalu, tepatnya tanggal 18 Februari 2010, my lovely boyfriend named Lanang Sigit has graduated as a Sarjana Ekonomi from Fakultas Ekonomika dan Bisnis UGM Yogyakarta. hahaha bangga banget yaa eke ngomongnya!

congratulation sayaang!
semoga jalan ke depan dimudahkan ya, amiiinn..

dan ini sedikit foto-foto waktu wisuda. enjoy y'all!

hehehe lalu saya bergabung dan ikut berfoto bersamaa :D

kemudian gantian temen-temen saya ngerecokin, minta foto bareng!

hahahaha well, sekali lagi, congratulation genduuutkuu!

dan mari foto bersama sebelum saya akhiri blog kali ini!

this is closer look about what i wore at that day :

Kimono Batik Tops in Pink by Batik Khasandy // Maroon Paris Hijab // Bata FLATS! // Leather Brown Bag // CI Burgundy 4Ls

love you, gendut!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more than just a scarf!

have you seen and checked cottonink's blog lately?
they released their new collection, and i am currently in love with this stuff :D


and did you still thinking that this is a scarf?
it's more than just a scarf!
it's a :
cardigan, a wrap cardigan and drappery cardigan!
a dress, backless one :D
scarf, in many many many ways

it's more than just a scarf.
go checked their stuff on cottonink.blogspot.com

black and burgundy :D

this is my outfit few days ago :D
me going to 21 with some friends, watching Rumah Dara.
have you seen that movie?
what do i think about that movie?
by the first 20 minutes, i feel like i can't continue watching that movie anymore.
suddenly i wanna get out from that seat hahahaha

but lucky me, i decided to stay and i think that movie is very great!
you must watch that movie, eventough you hate those kind of movie genre :D
i love the idea about that movie, it's so fresh and new for Indonesian Movies!

and what did i wore?

black puff-plain-dress - unbranded (Evolet's) // burgundy 4Ls legging - cottonink // 
printed shawl used as a belt - gift from a besties!

and this is me wearing the 4Ls,
very comfy and great! i love the material :D
- pardon my big big big thighs -

cao cao cao cao cao!


hellow fellows!
how are you?

hahaha i was a very bad blogger.
i was too busy these times that i can not spend even a very short times to blog.
i have taken many pictures, but unfortunately on the same time i don't have a free time to upload it.
too bad, right?

and let me share a little chit-chat about today.
Today was my KRS (Kartu Rencana Studi)-time, and for you who doesn't know what the heck is KRS, i will explained it right now hahaha
KRS is a Study Plan Card which filled every semester for every student who wants to continue their study in FEB, my campus. We have to choose what subject that we wanna take this semester, and after fill the subject, we will get the plan card which contained all the subject we will take for the upcoming semester.
i only have to choose the thesis subject, unfortunately because i have started my thesis informally with one of the lecturer in FEB, i have to ask permission  from Kajur (Head of Accounting Department) by giving some permission letter.
and the bad news i got this morning is my letter hasn't ready yet. The Head of Accounting Dep. seems to forget my permission letter, and the letter will be ready by the afternoon.
and it ruins my plan for today!hahahaha
but the good thing is, it's done now!
the permission letter has been given to Academic!!!yippie yay yayy!!

and do you know that yesterday was one of my productive day ever?
guess what, i made 3 do-it-yourself stuff!hahaha

 added some studs on my grey-plain-suede shoes!

... and on my orange-sling-bag!

and on a denim-vest!

what do you think?
i spent about 4 hours for these great stuff hahahaha

PS :
i really know that my english is very very bad.
but i have to write the blog in english :D
kind of learning-by-doing things, right?
and do you know that practices makes us perfect?
so i still write the blog in english..
pardon my bad bad and bad english :D

catch ya later, fellas!

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