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Friday, January 15, 2010

first day on weekend

i am a very newbie on makeup things.
yes, i admit it.
i always wear very simplest make up every time i go to campus or for a walk with my besties.
what did i use?

loose powder - invisible colour from Marcks Venus // Lip Balm in Grape or Strawberry from The Bpdy Shop // Blush On - anykind, sometimes i used my mom's which is Revlon Matte :D

now you agree that i did wear the simplest make up ever, right?
i even didn't use some lipstick on my lips.

so i bought these items few weeks ago :
Brush - ELF (Total Face Brush & Blending, Brushing and Bronzing Brush)
and here it is, some short stories of mine about welcoming my new package from Nikicio :D

aw, looks! there is a package for me! yes, it is for me! look at the address!!! and who is the sender of my new package? i bought a lot of things this month until i can't guess which online shop is this.

ow! this is from NIKICIO!
do you know NIKICIO? well if you don't, go straightly visit them on www.nikicio.com right away!
they have they own webstore, just go visit them and check out their stuff!

what did i buy? wait.

a white paperbag named NN : 02 and a black pocket named NIKICIO.
i wonder, what did i bought?

well, the skirt?
did i bought the skirt?
i bought a SIGNATURE DRESS from NIKICIO, and this is only one of the 30's way to wear the signature dress! incredible, isn't it?

i also bought the black longer-back tee dress,
i forget to take a picture with it :(

just go and visit them yaaa!

by the way, this is my TO few weeks ago. hahahaha i forgot to take a picture with it!
black tee - unbranded // black skinny jeans - unbranded // 
cottonink choco acid in fringe - cottonink shawl!

and this is my TO yesterday!

grey melange classic chawl - cottonink // 1-piece-dress - Details //
black step-on tights - KailieShoppe

i spent a day with driving from one place to another place with my lovely auntie and cousin!
she is 3 years old right now and you know what?
she is deeply adore Michael Jackson.
she loves listening to his song over and over, watching his video clips and reperform his action on his videos or even just at his concert!

well , so long and have a good day you readers!


Rani Nur Rosulli said...

haduh tante anaknya shopping terus ya..
anak zama sekarang tanteee..

awolll yokkk

Myria Rafiz said...

jangaaannnn dooong nanti dimarain mamaaaa :D
hehehe kalo dibandingin banyakan akuu apa kamuu hayoo yang belanjaaa?

kamuu kapan pulaang?
sekaten akan segera berakhirrrr

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