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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nikicio for Centro!

Do You Know Nikicio? Surely Do!
You must agree with me when I said that they had a very cute collection, and their NN:02 line also sell a lot of basic items for unisex! :)

What about Centro?
Well, should I say more about this department store? Go visit a mall or plaza in your city, because they are opening so many stores in some big cities in Indonesia!

And yes, these collection above are their collaboration together! I love how Nikicio add some basic touch on its collaboration with Centro! Its a new thing for Centro, and since basics are always a must-have for everyone, Nikicio for Centro booth in Centro surely a must-have for you, fashion lover!

Look at that Raglan Dress in Camel! Love it so much! It also comes in Navy and White color! The other item I love is The Big Stole shawl! Love the color combination :)

The White Blazer is also great findings! Trust me, in real world, it was more gorgeous than in the picture above!

For Hijabers, their maxi skirt is also great! My mom even bought it! It has drappery effect and different than other maxi skirt!

There are other things that I haven't got any picture of, one of them is Sided Tee! Its another must have item for you too, since it can be worn in more than 1 ways!!!!

Differ from Nikicio, Nikicio for Centro comes in 3 sizing, which is 1, 2 and 3. 1 will fits well on M and S size, 2 for L and 3 for XL :)

Visit Centro at www.centro.co.id and visit Nikicio at www.nikicio.com :) I have to say that their collacoration together are totally great, and their items are too gorgeous!
Myria Rafiz

Sunday, December 5, 2010



I have a time to decide the winner of my First Giveaway!!!

I am using an online application for helping me decide who will get three-items from me!


you get a Houndstooth Shawl from CottonInk! :) 
congratz ma deaaar! 

and for the second and third winner :
second gift! for : Ola from Olanatics
you'll get a flower ring from La Poisse Accessories!

 third gift! for Wulan from AnnisaAmazing
you'll get a purple Monol Watch from KailieShoppe!

Congratz for all the winner yaa..
so sorry it took a very longtime for me to announce the winner!
kiss for you all!

buat yang belom menaang, next time yaa semoga ada giveaway lagi!

PS :
Please Email me your address to : myriarafiz@gmail.com yaa :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Grey!

geez I was such a very bad blogger. I even haven't announced the winner of my giveaway!
I've been so busy with my college stuff, since I am continuing my education in Accounting Profession right now. And not to mention that I have to work during my daily activities, so yes, so sorry!!!

Today is my day-off from college!
I decided to having a me-time with my dearest friend, named Sasha at Starbucks! We've spent 3 hours chat!!! How I miss her too much! :) 

Too bad I left my etnic bracelet in my Francais Class today. I really hope that they kept it for me :)

and YES!
if you follow me on my twitter, you must know that I've just watched Harry Potter by my self! Proud of my self, I used to do everything together with my friend, and now I even watched movie ALONE!

I wore everything in GREY!
I found out that Light Grey and Black are perfect combination! I don't know whether it's still good if I mixed it with fuschia, try it later!
Portman Jacket from CottonInk!

just bought it few days ago! Its their new collection from Fall/Winter 2010, and yes, its too comfy! I love it too much, I wore it yesterday to work in a semi-formal outfit and I still can wear it today with my casual outfit! Definitely a must-have-items for you who loves wearing cardigan or jacket!
 wearing my favorite sandal wedges!
been wearing it all day, and its too comfy, considered it price that quietly cheap!

Light Grey Paris Hijab - unbranded // Grey Bag - unbranded // Dark Grey harem pants // Black Loose Tee - gift from Girlfriend Magazine // Portman Cardigan Jacket from CottonInk // Gold Chain Necklace - unbranded // Sandal Wedges - unbranded

and have you watched Harry Potter?
GEEZ! i really can't wait for the second part of the movies!

lots of love!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wishlist : YAY for COTTONINK!

first, I would like to conglaturate CottonInk, one of my favorite local brand (YEAH! Indonesian Brand!) for clothing items which founded by Carline and Ria, who have just won Cleo Fashion Awards for Best Innovative Brand! Yes, you both are deserve it for real, girls! 

They launched their first runway collection named ALTERNATE! I'll post more about it soon yaak :)

and I would love to share more about cottonink Mini's Collection : Casual Cool! If I only have a chance to buy 1 item from CottonInk for this Casual Cool line, I definitely would buy this item :

Luxe Viscose Tosca Green Boxy Blouse!


It's truly versatile item that you must buy! Its material is truly soft and extra smooth. Its color is cute and elegant at the same time. LOVE IT BERRY MUCH!!! This is a top where you can wear it as a working suit, under your blazer and your high-waist skirt, and even as a going-out-outfit! Wear it with your favorite tulip skirt, baggy pants, or even latex legging, just like Tal-On did on the shoot above! And VOILA, suddenly you are ready to go out anywhere you want! 

Its cost IDR 209,000 only! It's more expensive than the previous boxy top, but its definitely worth the price, because as you know the material is different than before (it use viscose material which are smoother!), and makes this top more elegant and looks expensive than the previous one!


visit CottonInk online shop, or click here to go buy their product right away!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do It My Self?

I love craft! 

When I was a kids, I remember that I was so excited when it comes to craft class! I was not that creative, to be honest I am not! But I don't know why, it's so exciting and fun at the same time when I have to use some crap and useless material and being challenged to change it tobe a new and better stuff!

I remember that I ever made my own cross-stitch :) I buy those cross-stitch template (yeah, I bought more than one!) from a store near my house. I even put one of my cross-stitch-result in a frame, and it is illustrated a cute dog (just like the Lady from Lady and the Tramp) in a yellow background! :)  Can't you imagine how proud I am of myself at that time? That cross-stitch was not even close to be classified as 'good', not even fine LOL!

 *cross-stitching! credited to here

I also used to love sewing. No, not with sewing machine, because I even never know how to use it :( I sew it with my own hand. I usually cut a piece of textile and sew a dress with barehand for my barbie :) Yes, I am that nice to my barbie!

When I was a teenager, I don't really love sewing either cross-stitching. I do scrapbooking, and I also love to combine photos of me and my family and my dearest friends into a large thick paper. LOVE IT! :) 

 *credited to here

*credited to here

I also love to create a special birthday card by myself! Sometimes I made my friend a special card by doing some scrapbooking, or even sew something for her! It was so much better than buy your bestfriend an expensive designer handbag (Okai, maybe not! :P) and trust me, your beloved one would very appreciate it, even if you made it with no-budget!

*credited to here

Don't you love craft?
What craft do you love to do?

I found these nice kits that might be help us who loves to do crafting, or even who wants to start doing it :)  I am in love with those kits!

*all credited to here


*credited to here

Have you ever heard about Punch-Needle?
well, I never heard about it. But I am too curious about it right now, when I see these! Geez, I hope I could made them by my self!

*credited to here

isn't it too obvious that I was easily attracted to owl? :)

for you who loves to craft, go visit Mmija.com!
they have a lot of craft supplies and also Punch Needle Kits. For you who like to sew and quilt, they also have Quilting and Clothing Fabrics

Happy Crafting!
Be Young, Be Creative!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Newest Things from Retail Therapy!


That's exactly what I feel when I saw and download all the attachment from Retail Therapy. Yes, they are now relasing their newest collection!

More Simple, Plain and Elegant dresses and MORE BLACK! I suddenly fell in love with all of those black dresses they've had! Especially the long sleeveless dress one! As you know, I'm the bigfan of black and plain!!!! :))

Which one you love most? I have to admit that I also fell in love with the cute soft pink blazer they've had! God!

If you love simple and plain clothing (especially dresses!) With an elegant touch, these collections are definitely the must-buy-things for you!

Follow their twitter @retailthrpy and visit them @ Facebook by click this link :

Or suddenly click it for their full collection :

Happy Shopping!!!

- MyriaRafiz -
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Minis from CottonInk : Casual Cool

another lovely brand from Indonesia, CottonInk, which is also one of my favourite brand ever, is releasing its newest mini collection, named Casual Cool!

their newest collection are some new dresses, cardigans and also SHAWL! 

.... and SHAWL!

 Xtralong Regatta Acid Classic!

Dusty Berry!

The clothes is a bit pricey, but you gotta understand that not only the global price of cotton are increased but also CottonInk also uses other great material for their newest dress, which is Luxe Althea Viscose Dress. for you who doesn't know, the material is exactly the same with Viscose Shawl :D

i'm craving for those two shawl (and also the Acid Lavender one), hopefully they both are still available until next month! Please visit CottonInk-shop.com for more lovely items!

Bourjois : Soir de Paris

Bourjois :
Soir de Paris campaign!

As I found some great french posters at CafePress.com, I kindly attracted to Bourjois Vintage posters. I suddenly googled anything about it, and I found this great vintage posters! It seems like Bourjois always uses art vintage posters for their parfum's publicity. You should googled more about another parfum, because they are too gorgeous!

*all image were credited to CafePress.com & Mes.Parfums.com at here and here

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