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Sunday, December 13, 2009


sorry for the hiatus,
i was so busy these days for preparing a jazz concert next Tuesday,

i will explain the detail later, after i took some photos about it.
but right now i just wanna uploaded some photos about BRIGHTSPOT MARKET!

there was a crowd in FD's forum, in cottonink thread.
about the new collection that cottonink would officially released at BRIGHTSPOT!
and yess, most of fd's member which were located outside Jakarta were so confused about it.

finally i decided to ask a friend of mine, which was also a member of FD named KOKOYA *thankssss a bunch!*, t buy me some cottonink's shawl.


unfortunately my dad which were in Jakarta at that time were attending those bazaar also. and guess what? they met each other right in front of CottonInk's booth!hahahaha

well here it is :

 shopping cart! hehehe
green stripe / red stripe / dark blue stripe / denim acid
choco acid / deep purple acid / golden wave acid / lite lavender, or lavender?i dont know hehehe

and in case you wanna see my cool dad, there he is :

 in my goldenwave acid shawl! thanks dad!

and catch ya later readers!


F i K a said...

wooow..you're such a cotton ink maniac !!! hehe
I only have 4 shawl and I think it's already too much,,haha

and awww your dad is soo cool!!

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Fika : hahaha yes i am!i dont know why but i think i deeply in love with them, Fikaa! but don't you know that one of my friends in FashioneseDaily's forum has bought more than 20 shawl for theirself at BrightSpot market?hahaha kind of shocking right but yess we are deeply in love with them Fikaa!
by the way in envy you and the others blogger who attend the latest blogger meet ups, you are all gorgeous darlaa!

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