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Saturday, December 26, 2009

D-I-Y Do : This Week!

it's already been a holiday for me, but i stayed at home. because me and my dad will have our final exam in the next 2 weeks, we decided to stay at home for our holiday.

bored? yes, for a while. then i decided to spent my leisure time by doing something fresh. something that i can not do few weeks ago because i have been so busy preparing for UGM MANDIRI JAZZ 2009.

what did i do?
i remake my old stuff into a new stuff!
its the same scarf, but as you know, i have so many cottonink shawl. so i decided to renewed some of them.

and here they are :

first, please prepare some stuff such as BleachingLiquid (i used BayClin), small pot to accomodate the bleaching liquid (for example its cover), brushes - any of brushes, Lidi, and many more!

pour the BayClin into its cover, after that spray it gradually until it cause some spot in the scarf. do it over and over, until you think THAT'S ENOUGH ALREADY!

i use LIDI (do you know lidi?err too bad i can not find the english word for this!) for coloring this one. Dye the Lidi into a cup of BayClin, for bleaching the scarf. don't forget to pour the BayClin into a small pot, for example i use its cover. Streak the scarf with this lidi, its like coloring the scarf with pencil hahaha

this one is just the same like the first one. i do it many weeks ago. and i really in love with this colour.

i don't really like the Fringe, so i decided to dye them up. and VOILLA! the result is great!

have you try to dye your stuff?

lots of love,


Sabila Anata said...

i LOVE the LIDI STYLE one :)
you sure do love cotton ink yaaa?
nice blog here

Myria Rafiz said...

you should see the shawl when my mom use it as a turban, i'll post about it later :D
and yess, i loce cottonink hahaha
well thank you sabila, you do have a nice blog too :D *blush*

F i K a said...

whaaaa...using LIDI is a great idea!! never thought about that..will try it someday :)

actually I have try to bleach/tie dye 2 of my jeans using bayclin too..hehe

anw,,I really love the fringe one!!is it in rose color? really looooove it!!! :D

anw,,kamu tgl dimana siy?bukan jakarta yaa?harusnya kamu jg ikutan meet up..makin rame kan makin seruu..hehe

Rani Nur Rosulli said...

i found u here sist..
hahaha what a nice post..
well, i love D-I-Y somehow it isnt that expensive ..
mba shesa.. miss u so

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Fika : Thanksiess Fika! yess i agree you really should try to dye some of your stuff with this LIDI style. i wanna try to bleach my jeans in LIDI style, but i don't have any black jeans left hihihi *which i thought that black would be great combined with this LIDI style. btw the fringe one is in fire color, fikaa :D
unfortunately di jogja, and yess i really want to join the blogger meet-up! maybe next time yaa Fik! :D
thank you Fikaa :D

@ Rani : wooooowwww look who found me here! how are you, lil cute sistooo? makasiii raaniii sayaaang! you should try! mengingat harga baju disana mahal-mahal kan ya?hehehehe kapan balik?me miss you too here, darlaa!

Rani Nur Rosulli said...

yeps..all clothes are fcuking expensive here..
dan dan dan mengingat harga baju rat2 mahal kalo dibandingin currency nya.. jadi model2 baju zara dll kelihatan gak mahal soalnya harganya rata2 mba.. hahahaa jadi mending beli \getoool sekalian kan ya.. hahaha KADANG2 kalo lagee tajir..
kaloo kere ga pake baju.. hahahaha..

eniweeeee ur blog is so awesome.. x)
miss u mba shesaaaa

wink-a-winkel said...

Like your DIY project! And your blog is inspiring! Please visit my online store, would ya?


Thanks a bunch dear!

PS: I linked u, okay? :D

Myria Rafiz said...

@ wink-a-winkel : okay dearr, i'll go visit your online store :D

ok, i'll link you too yeah!
by the way you must try those LIDI style on any items you have! the result is great :D

Lussi Rahadian said...

I do! in fact, it's in my second post on my blog ;)

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