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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've Been a Bad Blogger :(

I admitted that i have been a very bad blogger.

and i am really sorry about that. i hope i can be more organized as a girl, because i was such a very bad time organizer. and that means i only have few time doing such great thing, and have much more time doing that useless things

and what happened to me recently?

First :
lemme share things i have bought these weekend

 both of them are From KeyShop :D

both of them are from CottonInk
and yes, as you know about my shopping cart, i am currently in love with shawls!

second :
things i do last weekend

i spent last saturday nite with people i love, such as my boyfriend and my bestfriend! we went to Amplaz, one of the mall in Jogja because one of them is looking for a futsal shoes.
what i wore :
unbranded hairband // bata shoes // leather drawstring bag // 1 piece dress in houndstooth skirt // DIY acid ankle tights // unbranded bracelet in colourful colour // neon lime cottonink classic shawl


me and wintang are some very photoholic (i dont know how to call someone who love being shot so much, so i use those kind of words :D )
we asked them to picture us everywhere, from ATM till some mirror in Nike Store.
and this is my favourite one :

after that we decided to have a very late dinner. we really wanted to eat Bakmi Jawa, is a traditional noodle from Yogyakarta, and unfortunately the restaurant is closed for unknown reason. so we ate in PapaRons!

third :
my latest DIY Project!

do you know that i have plenty of cottonink shawl, right?
i am currently in love with Krey Shawl but unfortunately i didn't have much money to buy them. so i decided to do some DIY activities with one of the shawl.
i found that one of the shawl, in Rose colour, has a very smaller width. and that's creates difficulty when i wanna use it at double shawl, because it will look thicker on my neck. 

and yes! i decided to made my own Rose Krey :D
 and here it is :

hehehe i know that they look uglier than the real Krey from CottonInk.
but what should i do?hehehe

well, lots of love from me, readers!


fhen said...

love all the shawls!

Fashion Times said...

It looks beautiful! I love how your mind works!!

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