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Saturday, October 3, 2009


today is a great day. i slept at 4am, and i woken up at 1o.40am. i only slept 6 hours!hahaha *i usually need more than 8 hours to sleep hihihi*

after that i go to Ambarukmo Plaza (and send some package for my customer at PCP) to accompany my cousin. she will get married soon (yippie!) and she is trying to find the right ring for her and her future-husband. we visited 3 stores, so far.
1 = Elegance.
2 = Semar Jewelry, because Felice is having stock opname and they are closed already!Too bad.
3 = a store beside The Executive at Ground Floor, i forgot the name. Sorry!

after that, we decided to go to some Wedding Expo at the Ground Floor and Centro Dept Store. We found a really great wedges shoes, 2 actually. The first one is cost about IDR 309,000. Its colour is black, and it made from suede. It also had a cute little bow with some lace at front. OH WOW! but wait until i told about the second shoes. its colour is blue, with some glossy touch. it also had some lace accent, and the wedges is so unique. it seems like a triangle was put below the shoes, and they left a hole inside the triangle. oh my god. really adore them. it also cheaper than the first one, but i think it's still expensive (about IDR 249,000). maybe i'll wait until next month or until my mom buy me those shoes :D

i still can't post my outfit, and please do wait until tomorrow hahaha

lots of love,

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