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Friday, October 2, 2009

what you've missed!

i never post an outfit here, so i decided to try something new hahaha LOL.
unfortunately this outfit has been worn by me so long ago, but that's ok right? i still remember the date, tough hahaha

1. 12 September, 2009

denim acid wash shawl : cotton.ink // washed jeans : unbranded //white plain tee : unbranded

2. 18 September, 2009

blue cardigan : lapiz-azula cotton.ink shawl used as a layered cardigan // red shawl : cotton.ink fire fringe shawl // tokyo black t-shirt : graniph // black pants : unbranded

3. 30 September, 2009

black tops : thrift store, unbranded (cost only $1!!!) // denim acid wash shawl : cotton.ink // white skinny belt : unbranded // washed blue jeans : unbranded // red bracelet : unbranded, buy at centro

Some pictures of me using my lovely cotton.ink's shawl :

me using crema stiching green (cotton.ink ramadhan special edition) as a jilbab

me using a lapiz-azula cotton.ink shawl as double shawl and
denim acid washed cotton.ink shawl as cardigan

i don't know why i always wear those shawl. i can't help my self to put some shawl-touch on every outfit that i used daily. maybe because it's more than just a shawl. yeah, i think everyone agree with me, hahaha who dont? LOL

catch you all later, readers!
keep an eye, won't you?

my weight is kind of increasing by now, caused by the iedul fitri event a weeks ago. i can't help my self to eat together everytime my family asked me to, and this is me now! The picture of September 30th is the result, you can see my arms and my leg right over there hihihi and now i think i really wanna be slimmer.

and, of course, today is the day when our president asked us to wear Batik, right? Who doesnt? Unfortunately when i arrived at the campus, i saw many people didn't use it.

But I USE THAT! hihihi
the image will be upload sooner, maybe tomorrow, and i will give you some details about what i'm wearing today.

Connexion Black Sandals
Black T-Shirt
Cotton.Ink Crema Shawl, used as double layer shawl
Brownie Vintage Belt
Batik Wrap-it-up Skirt, which was used as a High-Waist Skirt

the batik warp-it-up skirt (in Indonesia, we usually called that as a Lilit Skirt) was made for Batik Doby in brown colour, and you know what? It's handmade because my mom had sew it for me. Not my mom, actually, but my mom owns a batik store and that item is belong to her store, an she gave it to me! Thanks Mom!

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