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Sunday, October 4, 2009

(un)lazy sunday

i slept at 4am and i woken up at 7.20am. my mom asked me to send a package to my friend's house, because the package is for her mom.

we have a little chit chat and had a breakfast at 9, at Soto Kudus in CondongCatur. She wanted to eat Bubur Syarifah, but unfortunately in this lazy sunday the bubur is already sold out even at 9! my-god!

i went home at 12 and my sister asked me to accompany her to some boutique. i bought few clothes for my online store, and right now i'm waiting for my father because he asked me to pick him up to the Tugu station.

my dad : how much does it cost to use a bus (to Tugu station)?
me : ok, dad! i think i will drive you to the place, instead of use using a bus to the station.

look, i am a nice girl!

lots of love,
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