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Friday, October 23, 2009


it's already friday, and me and my friends didn't have any exam for tomorrow. so we decided to have some fun today! yippie-yay-yay!

i spent today with my lovely friend named Wintang, Catra (her boyfriend) and Surya. Wintang picked me up at 1pm, and we went to Surya's boarding house then Catra's house. We had lunch in Bebek Haji Slamet in Mangkubumi, and i ordered Bebek Remuk, in Menthog Part. WOW! It taste very good, but unfortunately i didn't like it. I love the way it used to be cooked (Fried Duck, not Too-Fried Duck).


after that we went to Malioboro Mall to find a stripe t-shirt for Wintang. finally we found it in the Ground Floor, at Hammer Store.

this is Wintang with her new stripe-tees!

we were too tired, so we decided to buy some J.Co's there. I bought a very yummy and healthy J.Co's yoghurt in couple size, with 3 toping : Kiwi, Mandarin Orange and Choco Caviar.

 it cost IDR 25,000 for the couple size, but i think it's worth for the size and the taste!
we really have fun today, but unfortunately my boyfriend can't join us. I think he is too tired today, but that's fine! I have planned to go with him next Saturday, which is tomorrow.
by the way, this is what i wore today!

black plain oversized tees - unbranded // black acid wash step-up stocking : KailieShoppe, DIY //  leopard scarf : mom's closet // Leather Bag : garage sale, FasHeaven // 
sky blue flats : Bata!

wanna look closer about what i wear?

PS :
sorry for the blur picture, because i only use my phone camera for today's picture!

at night, my mom asked me to upload her stuff (she sells Batik's Kain and some ready-to-wear Batik's Clothing) in her blogspot site, which was made by me!

i uploaded about more than 75 pictures tonight, i think! and now i'm so tired. but unfortunately i am having some sleepover in Wintang's house tonight, so i think a little chit-chat before we go to bed is better to increase my mood!

ciao readers!
lots of love! and hugs! and smooch to you all! nighty nite!


F i K a said...

heyy myria :)..how are you?
thankss a lot for reading my blog & dropped some comments :)..I already add your blog at my blogroll too :)

anw,,both of you and your mom have an online shop? woow..hihihi..good luck then!! :D

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Fika : hi fika! i love reading your blog and looking for your picture, because yess i agree with Onic, that you always look stunning in those picture!hihihi

hahaha yess!THANKSIES!!!me and my mom have our own online shop!she asked me to make an online shop account at blogger, so i made her that ol shop hihihi

good luck with yours too, Nably and Casedgy! :D

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