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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday is always been a beautiful day, unless the boring part (which filled by finishing task with my college friends)!

My bf came and take me to a small cafe which sell italian foods, such as spaghetti, lasagna, baked macaroni and sweet-desert such as apple-pie and klappertart. Price? ONLY AROUND IDR 10,000 - IDR 11,000! (Or $1!!!)

two-tone cardigan - DETAILS // floral dress - thrift store // red belt - gift from my bff // acid washed ankle-legging - unbranded, DIY // white shoes - unbranded

we ordered :

some photoshoot taken @ the cafe. they painted their wall with a very hot red colour, and i just don't wanna miss that!

i also went to my friend's garage sale, and i got a black skinny jeans cost only IDR 10,000 ($1) and a black crop long sleeve which cost me the same price! don't we girls always heart garage sale? well i do!hahaha

updated :
i bought a junk food t-shirt yesterday! it's marylin monroe vintage tees! love it!

my studded dress i ordered from KeyShop finally arrived :D

ok! well i got to go! catch ya later, peeps!

. myriaa .


Marla Singer said...

cafenya dimana? huaaa mauuu. oia beretnya dapet di ebay =D

Myria Rafiz said...

so sorry baru baca komenmuu :(
i havent got any notification about new comment in my email. i think i have to set up about that hihihi
btw ini di sekitar Selokan, dear! di deket UNY, sebelum Cheers! harus nyoba deh, murah meriah mana Klappertart cuma 4rebuan dong :D

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