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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Upcoming Nikon P80!

A friend of mine named Surya said that he's gonna sell his lovely camera branded Nikon P80. He wanted to buy a new camera, with higher specifiation that P80, so he asked me if i would like to buy his camera.

P80 - adorable digicam, from dcviews.com

Actually, I do love his camera before he wanted to sell this and when i heard that he's gonna sell this adorable digicam, I asked my mom about that. AND GUESS WHAT?

for information, he bought the camera in Europe about few months ago, and he found another great camera (P500 or P1000, i don't really understand about that DSLR Camera). He had to sell the old ones, so he sold the P80!

i text him right away and told him about that. even he can not believe about my mom's decision. A day before, i had asked my dad about it and he said : NO COMMENT.
WOW. i am so happy to know that my mom will bought us the new camera.

my-upcoming-nikon-P80, upside from : kongtechnology.com


PS : I will post to you about my new camera later, if I have received the gergeous digicam!

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