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Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have two tights right now. Its colour are black and navy, and i love them so much!
I also have another nude stocking, which only about 40D, because its very sheer when i wore it. and do you know what? The nude stocking only cost about $1.75 hihihi

me wear those 280D Stocking - brand : Me Look // KailieShoppe

satu lagi brand, The navy one, brand-nya ChareClaire, dengan ketebelan 120D. Lebih tebel dikit dari PantyHouse. Beli di KailieShoppe juga alias toko gw sendiri.

dan gw juga foto2 pake ni stocking, langsung lho :

nude // navy blue 120D // black 280D// grey 280D

ini semua gw jual lho hehhe

and, my friends in FD asked me to take a picture of my shawl's collection, and i think its better for me to upload those image in my blog , here it is :


 kemaren beli sepatu baru, JellyShoes nitip temen, knockoff nya Meliss* yang Love Over Heels. mirip sama tempatnya Toko Dua Amoi tapi belinya nitip temen di Ambassador.


sayangnya ada jelekna ni sepatu :


waktu coba dipake sih lumayan bagus di kaki. but we'll see, if it doesn't comfort well on me i'm gonna sell it hihihihi

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