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Monday, October 26, 2009


apa aja yang bikin gw bangkrut?
mau tau?

yes! this lemonade ful-fringe cottonink shawl!
since i love wearing those great scarf so much, i decided to buy this one!
and i decided to not to buy any other dress, or shoes, for err. maybe for the next 2 months.
kecuali kalo cottonink ngeluarin koleksi barunya hehehehe

maybe i will made my own dress for these 2 months.
and yes, i really mean it.

wait, you don't think that i only buy 1 cottonink right?

the mostwanted-item in fd thread : MAGENTA
- i bought these one in fringe style -

and the last one, the versatile one :

the grey malonge - lebi panjang!
gw si bayanginnya mirip si lapiz lazula ato bright yello kali yaaa

maaf kalo repost.
i really excited about having those new shawl.
they said that my shawl will be sent on Thursday.
can't wait!

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