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Monday, October 12, 2009

I Heart CottonInk :D

Penampakan Shawl Cotton-Ink kalo dijeberin :

Mid-Grey // Krey in Black // Fringe in Fire

sayang banget Mid-Grey uda sold :(

here it is my CottonInk collection :

crema - fringe fire - rose - acid washed mid-grey - bright yellow - denim acid washed - 
lapiz azula - deep purple - krey in black

waktu pemotrean buat Calliope kemaren, aku nyoba-nyoba pake Krey dengan model Cape and here it is 
(modelnya adalah my sista) :

and the fringe in fire and crema-stitching-green classic shawl  :

lapiz azula classic shawl and bright yellow classic shawl :

i sell those skirts only for IDR 54,900
each! even though the skirts are second  condition, but they come in very good condition :D

reserved yours HERE!!!

.KailieShoppe online shop. 

well, please visit CottonInk here :D

lots of love,
. myriaa .


F i K a said...

woow..it seems like you're a big fans of cotton ink :D..hehe..they have a very good stuff!!

anw..thanks for joining my giveaways :)

Claradevi said...

i don't know you have a blog too, mbak sha sayang :)
i'll add your link on mine! :)

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Fika : well, i am!i really love their turbular shawl, and yes, their shawl are really good stuff! you're welcome, dear! :D

@ Depoyy : waaa Depoy! nice blog! and nice picture! i really love reading your blog, and looking at those beautiful photos :D i'll add yours too yap! :D

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