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Friday, October 2, 2009

Holla i'm (finally) back!


It's been too long since i wrote a post here. Well you know, i can't find any way to do mobile post while i'm attending my KKN Track *hahaha!* for the last 2 months. Yes! Two Month! The Korkab (it's like the chief for our Area from LPPM) ask
us to stay any longer. FVCK!!!!

well, even tough i can't do any mobile post during KKN, it doesn't mean that i can't have any online shopping for the last two month. in fact, i really broke after the KKN ended. I just realized that when i checked on my bank account. Oh-My-Fashion-God!!! What happened to my balance? Hahahaha

What items did really has made me broke?

1. Many-Many Items from Cotton-Ink!!!
Cotton Ink Shawl!
denim Acid Cotton Ink!

- Fire Fringe Shawl!!!
- Krey shawl in Black!
- Denim Acid Shawl! Yummy! It has been my daily-items right now!
- Cremaa Shawl with Green Stitching Colour!

can you imagine how much Cotton-Ink shawl i have right now? Hahaha! Let's count.
2. Black Tiered Dress from MaxLane Butik

This little black dress is come in tiered but don't worry! It really suprise me because i didn't look fat on it! Can you imagine that? Hihihi even tough that dress can not cover my big belly. *It's OK DEAR! We will deal with that later hahahaha* Other things suprise me is the dress is only cost IDR 55,000 (About $6!)
Black Dress!

3. Many tights!!!
unfortunately the adorable tights was not for me! I re-sell all those items! but i've been thinking about having one of them to be worn by me!!!! (hahaha i think my mom will be angry if I do this!)

ok i think it's enough for now. it's been very late! It's even 2.30 AM right now, and i have no idea what time i will wake up tomorrow. By the way, tomorrow is October 2nd, and do you know that UNESCO has announced that tomorrow they will claim the process of making batik with canting is belong to Indonesia? Our president, SBY of course, even askes us to wear Batik tomorrow. So why don't we use batik tomorrow? But remember, please worn Batik Tulis only! Hahahaha

If you don't have one, go get one geez! i think even tough the price is oh-my-god-i-can't-afford-it but i think you can! Save your money day by day! It only cost about IDR 350,000 - IDR 500,000 only, but don't buy them at popular store, because the price is so (even sooooo) much higher. My mother also sell batik, and if you can find a very good seller with excellent product, those money won't make you feel disapponted!
ok! Catch you up later yess you readers!!!

Update :
Yesterday evening, Padang, Sumatera Barat (West Sumatra), has destroyed by a very big earthquake (7,8 SR). The earthquake happened for 3-minutes, much more longer than in Jogja, and depending on the strength, the disaster is very very very much more bigger than which were caused by the Jogja's Earthquake. By the afternoon, i heard that more than 500 people died caused by those earthquake and don't forget there is much much more people which haven't found yet.

You know what? even though there are several children which still grounded by the earth. They were studying (preparing for the final exam) together while the earthquake started. I heard that some of them has been found dead. Let's pray for those who haven't found yet. I really hope they all can survived until the police / other people who helps police to find them, finally can saved them.


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