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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Midnite Post!


Remember My post about my DIY Project? Well so sorry i forget to upload the process.
Here it is :

legging yang mau di acid wash dikaretin, terus di rendem dalam BayClin. perbandingan airnya? sesuai selera. yang pasti semakin banyak, semakin tambah putih hasilnya. menurut gw sih sekitar 3 - 4 tetes dengan takaran tutup Bayclin size sedeng, cukup lah ya! tunggu sampe sekitar 1 - 1,5 jam. Inget ya, semakin lama direndem, hasilnya semakin putih. jadi sesuai selera aja deh. kalo gw sih 1 jam cukup. setelah itu dibilas dan dijemur. mau tau hasilnya?

lumayan lah menurut gw hehehe

WELL MAU POSTING TODAY-OUTFIT buat beberapa hari ini nih!

1. 17 Oktober 2009 (TODAY!)
ada acara pensi di Kampus, Jam Session yang ngadain ESB dong!

bracelet : handmade, unbranded // Black Tee : unbranded // 
Black Skinny Jeans : Nevada // Bata Shoes in Sky Blue // 
Cotton Ink Shawl : Denim Acid Wash as a double shawl and Lapiz Azula as a skirt

2. 16 Oktober 2009
jalan-jalan ke Galeria, trus makan si Steak Moen-Moen sama Grundy!

White Plain Top : GarageSale ($1!) // Black Skinny Jeans : Nevada //
Vintage Bag : unbranded // Kulkith Shoes in Mocca

3. 3 Oktober 2009

1 Piece Dress : Details // Red Belt : unbranded, gift from friend //
Sandals : Connexion // Bracelet : Centro // LC Les Pliage in Black // Layered Cardi : Details


well, today a friend of mine asked me to accompany him to set up for something great for tonight. He bought a bucket of flower to be given for her lovely lady, after she dance for tonight's show.

and... do you wanna see my DIY Projects which were done at midnight, few days ago?

2 necklace and a hair-band!
I gave The Pink Fur Necklace to my junior college friend. Hope she like it!
and you know what, the other necklace was made by paper quilling!
Thanks for Gogirl for this tips and also thanks for Venezia Lowis for the great idea!

and last but not least,

My new temptation! yes, it is batik shoes hihihi

me and my family, esp my mom, are really love it!
Thanks KULKITH!!! You can visit them HERE 
don't forget to add their FB account yaaa!

lots of love and hughs!
. myriaaa .

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