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Friday, October 30, 2009

Acid Legging in Action!

outfit tadi pagi :

DIY Acid Wash on Krey Black - CottonInk // Oversized Tee in Black - Unbranded 
Legging Acid in Black - Miami Beach

i went to Ambarukmo Plaza this afternoon. i was so happy because i meet my gorgeous and lovely besties named Inez. She is terrific! She wore thrift items, and she looked fabulous. wow. i do admire her so much!!!!

and this legging made every people looked at me everytime i passed on them :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009


yesterday is a very busy day.
i went to klaten to attend a Lurik workshop with my besties and my mom, the workshop is actually held by my uncle so i decided to join the show.

I met wonderful person which was also a fashion consultant and a fashion designer, names Sonny Muchlison. Wow. He's great. I think i could spent hours talking to him, because he is so much fun!

and this is what i wear. i have to use my mom's clothes, purple batik, because i have to look casual. i didn't use legging as the bottom, because it is already been washed, and here it is :

Batik Khasandy - TOP //  MNG Jeans // Dowa Bag

and at night, i went to my elementary school's friend named Desi to deliver an umbrella,
and this is what i wear :

i used my DIY ACID WASH CottonInk krey shawl in black as a top.
and the jeans, also DIY.

The Details!

catch ya later!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

in love with plain clothes!

like i've said before, in my header page, I WEAR PLAIN CLOTHES AND I LOVE IT. i am a kind of person who doesn't like a dress with too much pattern, but i don't know why i am easily get attract with a plain clothes, from Tops / Tees, Dress, Pants / Jeans (Hell Yeah! I don't really like jeans with too much stuff, like emblem, etc) and yes, you bet, Scarf!

it doesn't mean that i don't like pattern stuff, but like i've said, i prefer plain than pattern one.

that's happen when i started to browse new arrival section in Net-A-Porter this morning.
*all pictures are credit to Net-A-Porter.com

Issa - Silk Jersey Dress

Halston - Scarf Wool Dress

Preen - Swoosh Silk Dress

Fendi - CutOut Wool Dress

Celine - Leather Time Flanel dress

Miu-Miu - Angular Dress
Marc Jacobs - Silk Hammer Tops
Theory - Delicely Molani T-Shirt

Victoria Beckham - Briseux Silk Mini Dress

and i think those cute dress will be great if i combine with this :
Falke - Black Lace Tights

Bird by Juice Couture - Skinny Wool Pants
ps : i found the similar items in EBay, but the wool comes in tights.

Sass & Bide - Ripped Neon Jeans

Monday, October 26, 2009


apa aja yang bikin gw bangkrut?
mau tau?

yes! this lemonade ful-fringe cottonink shawl!
since i love wearing those great scarf so much, i decided to buy this one!
and i decided to not to buy any other dress, or shoes, for err. maybe for the next 2 months.
kecuali kalo cottonink ngeluarin koleksi barunya hehehehe

maybe i will made my own dress for these 2 months.
and yes, i really mean it.

wait, you don't think that i only buy 1 cottonink right?

the mostwanted-item in fd thread : MAGENTA
- i bought these one in fringe style -

and the last one, the versatile one :

the grey malonge - lebi panjang!
gw si bayanginnya mirip si lapiz lazula ato bright yello kali yaaa

maaf kalo repost.
i really excited about having those new shawl.
they said that my shawl will be sent on Thursday.
can't wait!

Sunday, October 25, 2009



which one do you love?

Atas Ke Bawah :
METEORIT ( Dark Navy / Grey) 
Dark Salmon
 Green Light ( in Krey )

and my favourite one :

( Beige / Dusty Yellow)



I have two tights right now. Its colour are black and navy, and i love them so much!
I also have another nude stocking, which only about 40D, because its very sheer when i wore it. and do you know what? The nude stocking only cost about $1.75 hihihi

me wear those 280D Stocking - brand : Me Look // KailieShoppe

satu lagi brand, The navy one, brand-nya ChareClaire, dengan ketebelan 120D. Lebih tebel dikit dari PantyHouse. Beli di KailieShoppe juga alias toko gw sendiri.

dan gw juga foto2 pake ni stocking, langsung lho :

nude // navy blue 120D // black 280D// grey 280D

ini semua gw jual lho hehhe

and, my friends in FD asked me to take a picture of my shawl's collection, and i think its better for me to upload those image in my blog , here it is :


 kemaren beli sepatu baru, JellyShoes nitip temen, knockoff nya Meliss* yang Love Over Heels. mirip sama tempatnya Toko Dua Amoi tapi belinya nitip temen di Ambassador.


sayangnya ada jelekna ni sepatu :


waktu coba dipake sih lumayan bagus di kaki. but we'll see, if it doesn't comfort well on me i'm gonna sell it hihihihi

Friday, October 23, 2009


it's already friday, and me and my friends didn't have any exam for tomorrow. so we decided to have some fun today! yippie-yay-yay!

i spent today with my lovely friend named Wintang, Catra (her boyfriend) and Surya. Wintang picked me up at 1pm, and we went to Surya's boarding house then Catra's house. We had lunch in Bebek Haji Slamet in Mangkubumi, and i ordered Bebek Remuk, in Menthog Part. WOW! It taste very good, but unfortunately i didn't like it. I love the way it used to be cooked (Fried Duck, not Too-Fried Duck).


after that we went to Malioboro Mall to find a stripe t-shirt for Wintang. finally we found it in the Ground Floor, at Hammer Store.

this is Wintang with her new stripe-tees!

we were too tired, so we decided to buy some J.Co's there. I bought a very yummy and healthy J.Co's yoghurt in couple size, with 3 toping : Kiwi, Mandarin Orange and Choco Caviar.

 it cost IDR 25,000 for the couple size, but i think it's worth for the size and the taste!
we really have fun today, but unfortunately my boyfriend can't join us. I think he is too tired today, but that's fine! I have planned to go with him next Saturday, which is tomorrow.
by the way, this is what i wore today!

black plain oversized tees - unbranded // black acid wash step-up stocking : KailieShoppe, DIY //  leopard scarf : mom's closet // Leather Bag : garage sale, FasHeaven // 
sky blue flats : Bata!

wanna look closer about what i wear?

PS :
sorry for the blur picture, because i only use my phone camera for today's picture!

at night, my mom asked me to upload her stuff (she sells Batik's Kain and some ready-to-wear Batik's Clothing) in her blogspot site, which was made by me!

i uploaded about more than 75 pictures tonight, i think! and now i'm so tired. but unfortunately i am having some sleepover in Wintang's house tonight, so i think a little chit-chat before we go to bed is better to increase my mood!

ciao readers!
lots of love! and hugs! and smooch to you all! nighty nite!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Second Giveaways : Grand Jewely from ToothFairy

A Comment has pop in my blog yesterday, and it comes from  the ToothFairy! She is a blogger from Netherlands, and i love what she write in her blog :D

Actually, she is having a giveaways which is she giving some great (Did I said great? well i mean GORGEOUS!)  jewelries, such as those earings above. Cute isn't it?

so i decided to join the giveaways! The giveaways will be end at Nov 8, 2009 and the winner have to choose 2 items from the giveaways items :D but don't you know that the winner also got another great present?

plus a 14k gold filled charm necklace of 18" with a 1/2" 14kgf disc handstamped with your initial, a genuine mystic pink topaz briolette, and a tiny gold filled leaf charm, from One life jewelry.

Can you imagine? I'm so excited and i do really hope i could win this giveaways. and don't worry, she also will give the winner a jewelry Box from PMB, which is look like this :

are you excited?
will you join her giveaways?
Well, I DO!
wish me luck! this is my second giveaways hihihi

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