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Friday, June 26, 2009

welcoming my baby : a hot red e63

i have just bought my new e-63 phone, in red colour, yesterday. wow, i was so excited until i wasn't be able to finished my task last night.

wow the spesification just great, and even though the price is too expensive (it had been increased from the original price 3 weeks ago for about IDR 300,000), i think it is deserved to be in that price. the camera comes in 2,0 MP, and the picture is GREAT! i love this phone so much. but i don't really like the flash which was set automatically everytime i take a photo. it is so flashy until i blind my eyes so badly everytime i take a photo with my camera hahaha

check my picture below :

i took this picture in the bathroom, before i brushed my teeth and take a shower.
but the flash makes me looks white! i can't even open my eyes well. Flashy Flash!

yesterday night i also watch a very good movie @ XXI with 46 other people from my campus! haha crazy! but fun, eventhough me and my boyfriend get 15 minutes late.

wondering what movie we were watching for?

shia la beouf were just fine ( i don't know why but i think he's just some little kid, not kind of manly type hahaha), but JOSH DUHAMEL? oh-my-god! he's soooooo adorable + cute + great! major lennox was so cool in that movie, and i think i enjoying watch him more than the movie hahaha

this is what i wear when i go to the movies

Tops : sHaZja's (my online shop) - Zebra Printed SLeeveless Dress
Cardigan : Unbranded
Skinny Pants : Unbranded
SHoes : (you can not se this but i'll get some pic for my shoes)

T-Bar SHoes Disco in Jeans & Pink

don't be jealous with me,
even know this t-bar shoes is too hard to resist!
i bought this lovely shoes few months ago in MoonAddict Shop (known as Rumah Sepatu Bulan), you can check their website HERE :D
ps : she also received custom made shoes! i ordered 1 custom-made ankle boots and 1 browny boots from her :D

lots of love,

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