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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

going away :(

i'm not going to somewhere fun, you know!
i will go to a place called Umbulharjo, which is a countryside near Kaliurang, not to having fun or spending my holiday, but for KKN! yess, KKN! (KKN is Kuliah Kerja Nyata, similar like Magang (I don't know the english word for this one, and i'm too lazy to find about that!) but in different ways. In KKN, we have to stay in other people's house to know and applicate our knowledge from the college.

and i'm still googling for some method called mobile post,but i still can't find any easier method about that.

so, catch ya later!
maybe in 3 - 5 days i will post something here (of course if i able to find out about the mobile post method), but if not, so meet me the next 2-months yess readers!

lots of love, still and always!
/ Myria \

Sunday, June 28, 2009

a bit disappointed


iya lah kecewa karena rencana yang uda direncanain dari kapan harus gagal.
gagal di detik-detik terakhir,
jelas kecewa karena aku uda inform ke semua orang dari kapan tau,
hmm memang sih dibalesnya lama,
mending kalo dibalesnya lama dan BISA,
lah ini ternyata ada ini itu ono ini auk ah

kecewa, soalnya ga nyangka ternyata tawaran penggagalan acara muncul ga ada 24 jam sebelum dimulai,
kagum sama yang bisa menyempatkan diri tapi kecewa sama yang dengan gampangnya bilang DIUNDUR

kenapa harus besok?
karena aku pengen refreshing sama kalian semua sebelum kkn.
karena aku kangen sama kalian semua, dan karena kita uda lama ga have fun bareng
dan tadi malem bukannya konsepnya udah kita omongin mateng-mateng?

kita bahkan punya 4 konsep, for god sake.
inget kan?

ya udah lah,
mungkin bener juga
daripada keburu-buru.
daripada hasil foto ga optimal

daripada ngecancel sekarang mending dari kemaren-kemaren.
ga ada 24jam dan dicancel?
okeh lah.
i've got nothing to change the decision.

thanks god.
ga ada yang tau blog gw yang ini.
soalnya menurut gw juga gw ga mau ada yang baca ini kok.



for your information :
what i have waiting for these days :

1. Light Skinny Jeans from FasHeaven

i always lookin for light skinny jeans and i loved when i found this
@ Ajeng's Garage Sale!

2. Shawl from Cotton-Ink :

- Honey Yellow Colour

i choose Honey-Yellow Clour, because i've bought Pink & Deep-Purple Colour

well, don't you know that YELLOW is the new PINK??? LOL

actually at the first time, i really like the Lime Light colour but unfortunately the colour is sold out (with no restock) :(

mau beli salmon tapi kok rada-rada mirip pink, padahal gw udah beli

yang recommended sih salah satunya laguna,
but i don't really like sky colour hahaha

- Lapiz Azuli Colour : oh-my-god! this bold colour is really great!

okeh, and now i'm running out of money!
somebody help!

Friday, June 26, 2009

welcoming my baby : a hot red e63

i have just bought my new e-63 phone, in red colour, yesterday. wow, i was so excited until i wasn't be able to finished my task last night.

wow the spesification just great, and even though the price is too expensive (it had been increased from the original price 3 weeks ago for about IDR 300,000), i think it is deserved to be in that price. the camera comes in 2,0 MP, and the picture is GREAT! i love this phone so much. but i don't really like the flash which was set automatically everytime i take a photo. it is so flashy until i blind my eyes so badly everytime i take a photo with my camera hahaha

check my picture below :

i took this picture in the bathroom, before i brushed my teeth and take a shower.
but the flash makes me looks white! i can't even open my eyes well. Flashy Flash!

yesterday night i also watch a very good movie @ XXI with 46 other people from my campus! haha crazy! but fun, eventhough me and my boyfriend get 15 minutes late.

wondering what movie we were watching for?

shia la beouf were just fine ( i don't know why but i think he's just some little kid, not kind of manly type hahaha), but JOSH DUHAMEL? oh-my-god! he's soooooo adorable + cute + great! major lennox was so cool in that movie, and i think i enjoying watch him more than the movie hahaha

this is what i wear when i go to the movies

Tops : sHaZja's (my online shop) - Zebra Printed SLeeveless Dress
Cardigan : Unbranded
Skinny Pants : Unbranded
SHoes : (you can not se this but i'll get some pic for my shoes)

T-Bar SHoes Disco in Jeans & Pink

don't be jealous with me,
even know this t-bar shoes is too hard to resist!
i bought this lovely shoes few months ago in MoonAddict Shop (known as Rumah Sepatu Bulan), you can check their website HERE :D
ps : she also received custom made shoes! i ordered 1 custom-made ankle boots and 1 browny boots from her :D

lots of love,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

newcomers? yep it's me!

i have a few blogs before, but i wanna have a fresh idea for my blog. i wanna write something that really ME and the things i loved, so i decided to make a new one! i love fashion and i do wanna post anything about that here badly, and this is it! i hope this is gonna be my only personal fashion blog.

catch ya later! - myria -
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