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Saturday, December 26, 2009

D-I-Y Do : This Week!

it's already been a holiday for me, but i stayed at home. because me and my dad will have our final exam in the next 2 weeks, we decided to stay at home for our holiday.

bored? yes, for a while. then i decided to spent my leisure time by doing something fresh. something that i can not do few weeks ago because i have been so busy preparing for UGM MANDIRI JAZZ 2009.

what did i do?
i remake my old stuff into a new stuff!
its the same scarf, but as you know, i have so many cottonink shawl. so i decided to renewed some of them.

and here they are :

first, please prepare some stuff such as BleachingLiquid (i used BayClin), small pot to accomodate the bleaching liquid (for example its cover), brushes - any of brushes, Lidi, and many more!

pour the BayClin into its cover, after that spray it gradually until it cause some spot in the scarf. do it over and over, until you think THAT'S ENOUGH ALREADY!

i use LIDI (do you know lidi?err too bad i can not find the english word for this!) for coloring this one. Dye the Lidi into a cup of BayClin, for bleaching the scarf. don't forget to pour the BayClin into a small pot, for example i use its cover. Streak the scarf with this lidi, its like coloring the scarf with pencil hahaha

this one is just the same like the first one. i do it many weeks ago. and i really in love with this colour.

i don't really like the Fringe, so i decided to dye them up. and VOILLA! the result is great!

have you try to dye your stuff?

lots of love,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

eyes drolling : this month

my eyes can't stop drolling everytime i pointed my mouse to a new site. this and that, those cute shoes, the bags and the killer shoes. and don't forget the cute dress in the other sites.

then i look at my account's balance. in a days it would reach the limit, if i decided to buy them all hahaha

things that would make me broke if i bought them these days :

wedges, black in suede mix with animal print

NN : 02 Basic Collection

The Muscle Tank : I want them so bad, in black!

in black, of course!

Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse : 
the sequin batwing top!
last but not least,
Giuseppe Zanotti Suede - Leopard Print Wegdes
yesss, sementara itu dulu my wishlist for this month. 

catch ya later!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


sorry for the hiatus,
i was so busy these days for preparing a jazz concert next Tuesday,

i will explain the detail later, after i took some photos about it.
but right now i just wanna uploaded some photos about BRIGHTSPOT MARKET!

there was a crowd in FD's forum, in cottonink thread.
about the new collection that cottonink would officially released at BRIGHTSPOT!
and yess, most of fd's member which were located outside Jakarta were so confused about it.

finally i decided to ask a friend of mine, which was also a member of FD named KOKOYA *thankssss a bunch!*, t buy me some cottonink's shawl.


unfortunately my dad which were in Jakarta at that time were attending those bazaar also. and guess what? they met each other right in front of CottonInk's booth!hahahaha

well here it is :

 shopping cart! hehehe
green stripe / red stripe / dark blue stripe / denim acid
choco acid / deep purple acid / golden wave acid / lite lavender, or lavender?i dont know hehehe

and in case you wanna see my cool dad, there he is :

 in my goldenwave acid shawl! thanks dad!

and catch ya later readers!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've Been a Bad Blogger :(

I admitted that i have been a very bad blogger.

and i am really sorry about that. i hope i can be more organized as a girl, because i was such a very bad time organizer. and that means i only have few time doing such great thing, and have much more time doing that useless things

and what happened to me recently?

First :
lemme share things i have bought these weekend

 both of them are From KeyShop :D

both of them are from CottonInk
and yes, as you know about my shopping cart, i am currently in love with shawls!

second :
things i do last weekend

i spent last saturday nite with people i love, such as my boyfriend and my bestfriend! we went to Amplaz, one of the mall in Jogja because one of them is looking for a futsal shoes.
what i wore :
unbranded hairband // bata shoes // leather drawstring bag // 1 piece dress in houndstooth skirt // DIY acid ankle tights // unbranded bracelet in colourful colour // neon lime cottonink classic shawl


me and wintang are some very photoholic (i dont know how to call someone who love being shot so much, so i use those kind of words :D )
we asked them to picture us everywhere, from ATM till some mirror in Nike Store.
and this is my favourite one :

after that we decided to have a very late dinner. we really wanted to eat Bakmi Jawa, is a traditional noodle from Yogyakarta, and unfortunately the restaurant is closed for unknown reason. so we ate in PapaRons!

third :
my latest DIY Project!

do you know that i have plenty of cottonink shawl, right?
i am currently in love with Krey Shawl but unfortunately i didn't have much money to buy them. so i decided to do some DIY activities with one of the shawl.
i found that one of the shawl, in Rose colour, has a very smaller width. and that's creates difficulty when i wanna use it at double shawl, because it will look thicker on my neck. 

and yes! i decided to made my own Rose Krey :D
 and here it is :

hehehe i know that they look uglier than the real Krey from CottonInk.
but what should i do?hehehe

well, lots of love from me, readers!

Monday, November 2, 2009


welcome to the family, my babies!

Grey Melange - Fringe in Magenta - FullFringe Lemonade
both of the two shawls on the right is my friend's, 
and its Light Grey in Krey and Total Eclipse in Acid Classic.
unfortunately, i don't really like the fullfringe one
its too heavy for me, especially with my big body hehehe
anyone who want the fullfringe please contact me by email or post any comments down there hahaha
and yes, i forgot to add the detail about my latest shopping addict :(
i bought it in COTTONINK, you can visit them here :D
i really love their shawl, so much!
ps :
you should try to buy them, at least once :D
by the way, i've just watched a really great movie titled THIS IS IT, which directored by Kenny Ortega, about MJ's last GR for his last concert.

i'll post the review later, but i only have one word for the comment.
we love you, MJ!

lots of love!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Acid Legging in Action!

outfit tadi pagi :

DIY Acid Wash on Krey Black - CottonInk // Oversized Tee in Black - Unbranded 
Legging Acid in Black - Miami Beach

i went to Ambarukmo Plaza this afternoon. i was so happy because i meet my gorgeous and lovely besties named Inez. She is terrific! She wore thrift items, and she looked fabulous. wow. i do admire her so much!!!!

and this legging made every people looked at me everytime i passed on them :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009


yesterday is a very busy day.
i went to klaten to attend a Lurik workshop with my besties and my mom, the workshop is actually held by my uncle so i decided to join the show.

I met wonderful person which was also a fashion consultant and a fashion designer, names Sonny Muchlison. Wow. He's great. I think i could spent hours talking to him, because he is so much fun!

and this is what i wear. i have to use my mom's clothes, purple batik, because i have to look casual. i didn't use legging as the bottom, because it is already been washed, and here it is :

Batik Khasandy - TOP //  MNG Jeans // Dowa Bag

and at night, i went to my elementary school's friend named Desi to deliver an umbrella,
and this is what i wear :

i used my DIY ACID WASH CottonInk krey shawl in black as a top.
and the jeans, also DIY.

The Details!

catch ya later!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

in love with plain clothes!

like i've said before, in my header page, I WEAR PLAIN CLOTHES AND I LOVE IT. i am a kind of person who doesn't like a dress with too much pattern, but i don't know why i am easily get attract with a plain clothes, from Tops / Tees, Dress, Pants / Jeans (Hell Yeah! I don't really like jeans with too much stuff, like emblem, etc) and yes, you bet, Scarf!

it doesn't mean that i don't like pattern stuff, but like i've said, i prefer plain than pattern one.

that's happen when i started to browse new arrival section in Net-A-Porter this morning.
*all pictures are credit to Net-A-Porter.com

Issa - Silk Jersey Dress

Halston - Scarf Wool Dress

Preen - Swoosh Silk Dress

Fendi - CutOut Wool Dress

Celine - Leather Time Flanel dress

Miu-Miu - Angular Dress
Marc Jacobs - Silk Hammer Tops
Theory - Delicely Molani T-Shirt

Victoria Beckham - Briseux Silk Mini Dress

and i think those cute dress will be great if i combine with this :
Falke - Black Lace Tights

Bird by Juice Couture - Skinny Wool Pants
ps : i found the similar items in EBay, but the wool comes in tights.

Sass & Bide - Ripped Neon Jeans

Monday, October 26, 2009


apa aja yang bikin gw bangkrut?
mau tau?

yes! this lemonade ful-fringe cottonink shawl!
since i love wearing those great scarf so much, i decided to buy this one!
and i decided to not to buy any other dress, or shoes, for err. maybe for the next 2 months.
kecuali kalo cottonink ngeluarin koleksi barunya hehehehe

maybe i will made my own dress for these 2 months.
and yes, i really mean it.

wait, you don't think that i only buy 1 cottonink right?

the mostwanted-item in fd thread : MAGENTA
- i bought these one in fringe style -

and the last one, the versatile one :

the grey malonge - lebi panjang!
gw si bayanginnya mirip si lapiz lazula ato bright yello kali yaaa

maaf kalo repost.
i really excited about having those new shawl.
they said that my shawl will be sent on Thursday.
can't wait!

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