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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Leotard : Yay or Nay?

I was just sitting in front of the television when I saw a great video clip at MTV from Sia titled Chandelier!

The song is great! I know that Sia is known for her great song she wrote, but this song is just soooooo lovely! Lagu ini sepertinya berarti banget untuk Sia karena Sia menulis lagu ini sesuai dengan backgroundnya sebagai alkoholik. She's now struggling through her alcoholic problems, and maybe this is one of her way to keep sober.

Yang saya suka adalah Maddie Ziegler, dancer yang menari dengan indahnya (dan sekaligus unik) di Chandelier. Saya juga langsung tertarik dengan the idea of Leotard yang dipakai Maddie di video clip tersebut. Ternyata Leotard ini sempat ngetren digunakan oleh beberapa selebritis Hollywood dalam shownya. 

Surprisingly, Leotard ternyata sangat cocok dan pas banget dipakai sama orang yang bertubuh curvy. Awalnya saya kira karena leotard ini cenderung 'terbuka', saya kira lebih cocok digunakan oleh cewek-cewek skinny. Ternyata, J.Lo nailed it well with these stunning leotard! She even worn it in the opening ceremony of World Cup 2014 in Brazil!

even more, J.Lo with those stunning leotard on Billboard Cover Magz!

Celebrities and their Leotard as a Red Carpet Gown in 2014 :
from Video Music Award to Billboard Music Award

and look how they wear as a daily-wear..

and the best Leotard was worn by.. 
the one and only VB in her Chanel Leotard.

Does it mean that Leotard will have a comeback next year?

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