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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Have (No)Thing To Wear

My #OutfitOfTheDay Last Weekend!

We're girls from all over the world are always having the same problems : when you standing in front of your wardrobe, you always (well, repeat after me : ALWAYS) have nothing to wear!

I ended up wearing this dresses from KailieShoppe, my onlineshop (that should be bought by my friend) and owned them for myself. HAHA! Beautiful, No? 

Top : KailieShoppe Chiffon-Slash-Spandex Dress
Jegging : Unbranded
CerrutiShawl : Unbranded
Shoes : UP! Wedges (Stella Rainbow)

And, I ended up wearing this blue cocoon pants! 
Comfy, and my but wouldn't get too exposed LOL
(yes, am getting bigger since my wedding day, thanks to L)

Have you found the same problems as I do?
Well, we girls never have enough clothes, bag, shoes, and..

(fill the blank by yourself)
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