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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fuschia oh Fuschia!

Another Fuschia!!!
Too bad I don't have a jumpsuit and a heels in fuschia color! If I did, maybe someday you will see me wearing a fuschia hijab, mixed with a fuschia jumpsuit and paired with a fuschia jacket, and also a fuschia bag and fuschia heels! Not to forget, that I've already got a fuschia watch, LOL!

Yes, I am deeply in love with fuschia! I even ever bought a Cabas LC Bag only because it comes in fuschia color (Rosaly!).

Fuschia Zipper Tank - CottonInk // Details Army Jacket in Black // Unbranded Skinny Jeans and Unbranded Hijab, and also another Unbranded Gold Necklace // Noir LP LH - Longchamp // MoonAddict - RAWR Wedges

Do you ever loved a color that much,
as much as I love fuschia?
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