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Thursday, August 26, 2010


JavaJazz Souvenir Tee // CottonInk straight breezy pants // Ciciero Aulika Choco Fur // MoonAddict Rawr Wedges //  CottonInk Boxy Cardi in Dark Navy

spent this evening with my lovely friends, and have a fun breakfasting with them. I started today by having Totok in my face and my ear, for reducing my appetite. After that, I went to Friday to Sunday boutique located in Sagan. I saw a very nice camel stud heels there, too bad it's a little bit pricey for me. I decided to buy me some shortsleeve drapery tee in black! :D

Asked my friend to take my picture while I was in ATM Mandiri :D

Eating ZEST Frozen Yogurt in GreenTea, with Cookie and Moci Toping on it.

We also visited ZEST, a small cafe who sell frozen yogurt in a very yummy favor and also in a bargain price! I bought my self a regular cup, with 2 toping, and it costs me only about ID 22,500 (around US $2.5). They also sell a mini size froyo, and it only cost IDR 10,000! 

ZEST Frozen Yogurt and Cafe

Frozen Yogurt in Blueberry!
I buy my self GreenTea favor, and it taste great! Even better than J.Cool!

JL. Sindunegaran No.6, Yogyakarta 
Phone : 0274 516471
WEBSITE : Their FaceBook

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