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Monday, November 2, 2009


welcome to the family, my babies!

Grey Melange - Fringe in Magenta - FullFringe Lemonade
both of the two shawls on the right is my friend's, 
and its Light Grey in Krey and Total Eclipse in Acid Classic.
unfortunately, i don't really like the fullfringe one
its too heavy for me, especially with my big body hehehe
anyone who want the fullfringe please contact me by email or post any comments down there hahaha
and yes, i forgot to add the detail about my latest shopping addict :(
i bought it in COTTONINK, you can visit them here :D
i really love their shawl, so much!
ps :
you should try to buy them, at least once :D
by the way, i've just watched a really great movie titled THIS IS IT, which directored by Kenny Ortega, about MJ's last GR for his last concert.

i'll post the review later, but i only have one word for the comment.
we love you, MJ!

lots of love!
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