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Thursday, October 29, 2009


yesterday is a very busy day.
i went to klaten to attend a Lurik workshop with my besties and my mom, the workshop is actually held by my uncle so i decided to join the show.

I met wonderful person which was also a fashion consultant and a fashion designer, names Sonny Muchlison. Wow. He's great. I think i could spent hours talking to him, because he is so much fun!

and this is what i wear. i have to use my mom's clothes, purple batik, because i have to look casual. i didn't use legging as the bottom, because it is already been washed, and here it is :

Batik Khasandy - TOP //  MNG Jeans // Dowa Bag

and at night, i went to my elementary school's friend named Desi to deliver an umbrella,
and this is what i wear :

i used my DIY ACID WASH CottonInk krey shawl in black as a top.
and the jeans, also DIY.

The Details!

catch ya later!
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